trip to the snow in BC, Canada

Canada stole our hearts right of the bet, and made us return for 4 winters in a row. We lived in a little town called Rossland, close to the US border in the heart of British Columbia. The area there is called the Kootaneys and the surrounding mountains the Selkirk mountains. Ski resorts in this area offer great slack country, a lift ride and only a short ski tour away from the resorts open up endless opportunities, supreme tree skiing, steeps and open faces, BC has it all.

Besides these small tours there are the passes like Kootaney pass and Rogers pass there which offer you days and days of ski touring fun without ever riding the same line.

And if you still didn’t get enough of all these untracked lines which you only once in a while share with the passionate locals the mountains are filled with public huts. Shelter for the night, there to put you onto stunning traverses, or keep you on the same spot in the mountains for several days to explorer the whole area. Off the grid huts, campfires, just you, your friends and nature.

All these options are part of a trip we can customize for you and your friends. We would be there to show you around, organize your accommodation, get you in contact with the local communities and guide you through the mountains!

And when the budget reaches out, the Selkirk mountains have some mind blowing unforgettable heli and/or catskiing to offer.

Photography courtesy of Brace Lee.