It can only be November when I’m sitting in shorts and tshirt underneath a avocado tree, with fresh scratches from my flat paddels on my shins, daydreaming about deep pow end steep treelines in Japan.

For the last 3 years we’ve been spending our Novembers (and Oktobers) on La Palma, one of the smaller Canary Islands, an Island group belonging to Spain. There where the biking is on it’s best this time a year, air temperatures stay around 24 degrees and sea temperatures around 20, perfect for a refreshing swim after a day of biking or once in a while even a sweet surfsession. We love it.

In the morning we load the bikes on a trailer, step in the shuttle and save us the first 800 to 1500 meters of climbing. The shuttle drops us of somewhere in the forest where the trails begin, up or down, steep or mellow,  flowy or technical.

Today we shuttled to the north west of the Island, with about 400 meters of climbing still ahead of us, and a flowy trail awaiting which was giving us stunning views over the caldera, and over one of the many barancos of the island. At the end of this trail we catch our breath while looking down over the south west. A technical downhill follows, where we test our courage a couple of times and end the day on a old donky road with endless sharp kick turns (‘fresh scratches from my flat paddels’). 
As said, just another day on La Palma.

But it’s time to countdown the days, with just a week left on this beautifull island I find myself going online to order myself some new skins for my splitboard. A week left here, and only two weeks away from our flight to Japan, where we will spend our winter. ‘Deep pow and steep treelines’.