Realising that the last blog I wrote was back early June, when we just had moved to Davos in Switzerland, where it was still cold and wet, it's been a while.

We've had an amazing summer, we have gotten blown away by the amazing trails, mountain biking opportunities and peoples (and their stoke level) in and around Davos. 

But what's next!?!? A question we probable ask ourselves as much as the people surrounding us do so. But we actually have an answer this time. We actually know what we're doing for the next 5 (almost 6) months!

Robi just jumped onto a plain to Canada. Where he is going for the CAA level 2 module 1 course. A 4 day classroom course where he is getting smarter about the human factor involvement in a avalanche environment. He might also have some beers and meet some friends....

We'll find each other back on Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam just before the end of the month to make our way 'back' to the Canary Islands, La Palma. 'Cause you might think we've had enough of riding bikes after this summer, we think different! 1,5 month of epic trail riding, volcanoes, sunshine, beach time, surf, friends and seafood is awaiting us. Let me remind you;

When we get back early December Robi continues getting smarter flying back to Canada to finish the CAA level 2 course with the 2nd and 3th module. After which we will meet back in..... JAPAN!

Not only the snow, but also the food, the culture, the people, the mountains have stolen our hearts. After having spend the last two years on Honshu, we're headed to Hokkaido this year, up for a new adventure! Come ride with us, give us a shout, or check out the company we will be guiding for this season: BlackDiamondTours 

Soooooo, and what's next for you!?