So we’re the adventurers, we travel, adventure, explore and enjoy. This doesn’t mean we’re the best in actual capturing what we see or experience. And when we do it’s with a quick picture made with our phone. Somehow we did get our friend, Steve Shannon from Canada, convinced that the place we’ve been spending our last 3 falls is pretty amazing, well worth the visit. Steve is a professional photographer, and after not even a day spend on the island he told me ‘you guys haven’t really done a great job on showing how amazing of a spot this really is……’

Steve is hanging out with us for two weeks, biking his bum of and shooting pictures as much as he can. He brought professional biker Emily Slaco from Canada to make the whole biking thing look even better, en I can tell you, she did!

We continued doing what we do every day, biking trails followed by some beach time and sunsets.