Canada BC has been having an AMAZING winter this year, record breaking snowfalls!

We spent our winter in Hakuba Japan (not to shabby either.....) where seasons don’t run all that long. So it’s an easy decision to pack our bags at the end of March and fly to Canada, right? We’ve spent several seasons in Canada, Rossland BC, and we love it, and there’s no other place we’d rather be. But that’s just a side note.

April will be a sweet month to fill with some springtouring missions! After a quick stop in Calgary we made our way into the mountains, where we could see how much snow they had gotten over the season. The snowpack was looking pretty damn good!

But than.... Spring kicked in. And spring got hot. Spring felt like summer. With not even cold nights to freeze things up and deliver sweet corn snow in the AM. None of that. Snow has been melting, bikes have been ridden, a lot. Couldn’t hold us from one sweet trip up to Mt Brennan tho. Located in the so called 'Goat range' in BC. Car’s packed, tent’s packed. Leaving Rossland with bluebird and summer temperatures. Every kilometer we drove we got closer to some dark looking clouds, hmm?


We set up camp around the corner of where we were going to start our hike in the morning only minutes before it started raining. Campfire and pizza’s in drizzling rain. Not quite what we expected. 4am alarms set anyway.

4am: Pooring rain, reset alarm to 6am.

6am: Drizzling rain, slight loss of motivation.

6.30am: Very awake and feeling we should give it a shot. 

7am: Leisurely breakfast, sucker holes showing up, moods turning very motivated.

And than before we knew it we where all sledding up a very snowfree dirty dirt road.

File 05-05-16 21 09 15.jpeg


It took abit of flying dirt, but we got to the trailhead around 9am, ready to rock and roll and bag that peak! Sunshine got us hot and steamy, and some interesting sunburns. But arriving near peak clouds bullied us again. Patience and quick acting when we’ve got some visibility where key, and before we know it we’d bagged the peak and where riding pow!


Not all the way, but for about 500 vertical meters, and than it turned into very sticky snow, known by some people as velcro snow. Which made us once again realize how quickly winter had changed into summer, forgetting about spring. But once down we where all stoke and smiles, ready for bbq’s, bonfires and beach time.


Thnx for this amazing adventure pow shredders; Pete, Katie & Rachael!