When in Japan, it impossible to get enough of snow, enough of skiing/ boarding, whatever. It only get’s your stoke higher and it makes you want more. At least, that’s what it did to us. So while choking on pow on Hokkaido, we where planning a trip for spring. We had a blast on Hokkaido but where missing big lines. So you can guess what we where hunting in spring, big lines. We checked of Rishiri, see the last blog, which was a big line, wanting more.

We planned on going to Kamchatka, just a bit further north of Japan, which gets the same amounts of snow but has bigger mountains. A bit of research learned us that we needed a lot more preparation to go to this crazy place, visa’s, a lot of permits, invitations and a whole lot more where needed. Being in Japan we couldn't arrange the visa’s in time to get to Kamchatka when we wanted, ok, postpone plan A, go to plan B, Georgia, a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Yes.

A quick stop in the Netherlands where we repacked our bags and before we knew it we where in Tbilisi. We planned a month, rented a big Toyota 4runner, which you definitely need to get around in this country and off we went.

The trip didn’t go as planned. Georgia has a Continental snowpack, so after two months hardly any snow (feb/march) and cold temperatures, the snowpack was faceted, almost in all areas, all aspects. So basically we could only ski real mellow lines, but even this was a gamble where we encountered big whoomps and cracks. We observed like a million older avalanches up to size 3. 


Within a week we drove through (what felt like the whole country) most of the mountain ranges. Checked out some REAL fun and silly CHEAP skieareas. Which have great slack country options. Gudauri, close to Tbilisi and Tetnuldi far north.

We booked a couple nights at Mnt Kazbek in the hut but when we got close to it we figured it had no snow to ski. 

We only toured a handful of days, just couldn’t do what we came to do there. We definitely did not scratch it of our list and will sure go back one day. We returned our rental car a week and a good amount of kilometers later. Repacked our bags again and went surfing in El Salvador, plan C?