In the fall of 2017 we decided we hadn’t had enough of biking yet, but also needed to get in the water to get our surf fix. Before making any big plans we packed up our car with bikes and surfboard, roof tent on the top of the car and headed south.

With about 2 months to play around we where mainly focussing on the surf, and whenever the swell would let us down we’d move inland to find some trails to ride.

Bretagne looked cold and stormy and the rest of France wasn’t high on our todo list so we found our way down that coast pretty quickly with just some quick stops at the more famous beach breaks.

From Spain on we took it easy and tried to check out most of the spots along the way. The diversity of this country is insane, the people so friendly, the language so beautiful, the food so good!

After two full weeks of surfing we where almost happy with a little lall in the swell where we could take a rest from the water and head inland to discover some trails. A place called Miranda del Ebro surprised us with three good days of biking. Just a hand full of locals around and a good amount of trails to choose from.



Back to the coast we continued our way west along the northern coast of Spain. Pointbreaks, beachbreaks, big waves, small waves, sunrises, sunsets, old friends and new friends.


We fully got into surf mode when another big lall this time in the swell showed on the charts. So again we packed our surfboards and headed a long way inland this time to discover the area of Madrid and it’s biking scene. After a day spent in one of the bike parks we got a list of go-to spots around Madrid. This became our week long bucket list and we hit all the spots this friendly local guy told us about.

It blew our mind! I’d never expect all that much from the Spanish biking, asking around you don’t find much information. Being spoiled with the swiss maps we use over summer it is a bit of a hide and seek adventure. But with a little help of some locals, a couple of apps on our phone with which we connected some dots together, it ended up being a week of amazing bike rides in an incredible scenery. 



And back to the water! Sad when we found out that the rest of northern Spain looked stormy we headed far far west straight through the mainland to the west coast of Portugal. Weeks we found ourselves floating along this coast a bit up, a bit down, surfing our arms of and enjoying the last warm days. We where even able to bike thought the day in the area of Sintra and have a sunset session at one of the beaches close by. YES!



When the down jackets had to show up more and more regularly, when the wetsuits didn’t seem to keep warm after one our or so and we had to pack ourselves up in Merino at night we decided we where about ready for winter and headed back.