And so we moved to Davos, Switzerland.

As you might have find out by now, we’re always on the hunt to find epic locations. Where we can live the (our) dream, and afford it somehow (some call it work). Switzerland and affording doesn't seem to fit together but we’re making it work, and so can everyone.

Davos is the highest city in the Alps. And yes, it’s a city. It’s not the typical romantic mountain town, filled with rustic wooden chalets. No, rustic concrete it is.

The beauty of it is not something you’ll see at ‘first sight’. The area, where Davos is located is BEAUTIFUL, the city is surrounded by mountains, and windy roads going over/ through / along them. Making them all, but really all, very accessible. Winter and summer. Ski touring 3000 meter peaks right out of your car. Mountain biking through the alpine just quickly after work. Nothing special around here. 

And that’s what got us here.

We’ve been here for about a month now, planning on being here for the summer. Seeing where life will take us next. Exploring the trails in and around the area. With the snow melting slowly of the mountaintops we can’t wait to hit into the alpine on our bikes. But happy to have figured out that there is a lot more than just the alpine trails. Davos is surrounded by endless single trails, giving us a crazy amount of options every day!

And what about the ‘Bahnentour Davos Klosters’ a 80km biketour, with only 635m to bike up, and 8470m to enjoy down on alpine singletrails?

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