Robi has biked countless Transalp tours through the European Alps over the years. Gone from the one epic bike destination to the other. None of them comparable. But after a whole summer spend in Livigno, a town in Italy, located on the Swiss border, long mountain passes away from society, he knew that this was the perfect place for any Mountain biker. Whether you’ve just stepped on your bike and you’re looking for some experience, or you are a very advanced biker and you’re ready for the most flowy but challenging trails and well maintained bike park. Livigno has it all.

We can spend days in the bikepark, or just enjoy a short liftride up bringing us to endless trails, or getting shuttle service to drop us a little further out of town to get us a full day Enduro tour. All that while Italian cuisine and hospitality is awaiting us at night.

From the northern Italian Alps to the south of Italy on the Mediterranean sea we visited a good friend of us a couple of springs ago in Finale Ligure. Finale Ligure is a hidden gem where trails go from high up in the mountains all the way down to the sea. While in the rest of Europe the bikers are looking away the snow in springtime, Finale is on it’s best! With warm temperatures, nice dry trails and Italian ice cream and the mediterranean sea there to cool you down after a long day of riding, this is the destination for the Enduro freaks between us!

We spent our time there in the Ciapin Mountain bike Lodge, the lodge and the owner Mike make you feel at home right from the moment you get there. Located a couple hundred meters above sea level you’re right from the doorstep onto the trails.

A destination to never forget, and to forever return.

If any of these two Mountain bike destinations interest you, we would be happy to customize a trip to your needs with full guiding every single day. Contact us!

Photography courtesy of Fleur.