La Palma is the most western Island of the Canary Islands, a group of Islands in the Atlantic ocean belonging to Spain. Our home two months a year, every fall.

La Palma offers volcano biking, it’s something special. Black sand, green trees and a turquoise blue ocean which you see glancing after almost every turn.

The island has a tropical climate, when you bike from to east to the west of the Island you go from rainforest to dry black lava sand in a split second. La Palma offers the most flowy forest trails and the most technical downhill tracks trough the sharp lava. With not to forget the old donkey roads, stone slabs and lava sand surf trails!

La Palma has a huge variety of spine tingling single trails, which all bring you at the end of the day down to the ocean for a refreshing swim or maybe even a surf session!

Let us show you around through this single trail paradise, and get you’re bike fix sorted for the rest of the year!

Photography courtesy of Steve Shannon Photo.